View Full Version : Our First AmnioFix Patient - Hairline Restoration

07-18-2014, 11:58 AM
This is a classic hairline restoration. Our patient in his forties pictured here has a very common recession that would most likely progress slowly if left alone to where he would have a little bit of hair remaining in the front into his eighties. A man in his forties with recession and little to no thinning or balding in the back can often make an excellent candidate for hair restoration. Many of our patients with this pattern of loss will start out with 2,000 grafts or so. Our patient enjoyed the improvement to his hairline as the result of two surgeries beginning December of 2010. His latest surgery on 06-04-2014 broadens his hairline for an even fuller look. We will post his results in June of 2015.


As a side note, he is the first patient of Dr. Cole's to have AmnioFix administered to his donor area. On paper, AmnioFix looks better than ACell and PRP. At this time the actual effectiveness, usefulness, and benefit to our patients is an unknown, so obviously unlike ACell and PRP, we're not charging patients participating in this new study.

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