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Dr. Lindsey
07-18-2014, 07:55 AM
This 16 year old son of a local doctor and his 18 year old brother (case 2 to be presented in a few weeks) both had lesions excised from their scalps by a local dermatologist. This evidently left a fairly large bald spot. A local plastic surgeon then did a z-plasty to narrow, but lengthen, the bald area. Both young men ended up with a small hypertrophic scar with no hair growing in it. After discussion with the parents about simply camouflaging this area with surrounding hair, both chose to proceed with a small FUE case.

We did roughly 90 doubles, and 60 single FUEs using a Feller 0.9mm punch uneventfully. Shown are 1 week, one month, 4 month and 12 month views. He’s really gotten a nice result and given how hard the scar tissue was in certain areas, he may thicken a little more by his final checkup at Christmas.

Although FUE is variable, and putting hair in a fairly hard scar is variable, given how they’ve scarred in the past, I did not offer strip as a harvest technique.
I’ve asked his mom to chime in with her thoughts on the forum as well. Hopefully we’ll see a post from her when they return from vacation.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA