View Full Version : Using mascara on hair after hair transplant?

07-17-2014, 12:41 PM
Hey there, I'm on day 13 post HT and my grafts have started to fall out. All good, sooner they fall out, the sooner they come back! :cool:

I also have a bit of shockloss of native hairs. I tried Toppik over my recipient area today to conceal the loss and it just doesn't look right (my hair is a grade 3 so maybe too short). My girlfriend suggested using mascara and I tried it and it looked fantastic! I only put it on the hairs and I don't let it touch the scalp.

Am I safe to use mascara? Will it ruin the chances of my transplanted hair growing back?

07-17-2014, 02:42 PM

At this point in time, your recipient area should be completely healed and free from crusting/scabbing right?

As long as there are no open or unhealed wounds/incision sites, the mascara IMHO won't hurt your new grafts.

Congrats on your recent procedure!