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07-16-2014, 10:35 AM
Hello everybody,

First, sorry for my english - this is not my mother tongue :)

I've been reading that forum since a long time now (it helps me improve my english by the way :) ) - this forum, and a lot others. I'm coming from Belgium and got 29 years old.

I found a lot of informations about the topics I want to ask you about already but just wanted to have some inputs from "real" people - suffering - like me - from hairloss (29years old - receding at temples and in the front - probably something around NW 2-3).

My first question is about what is considered as a "normal" thinning while approaching 30years old - I'm OK with my head of hair now - cause my loss is not so visible by others but I definitly notice thinner hair and loss of volume on my head. I used to have very thick hair that sometimes was looking like a "hat" :) Real thickness here.

But now, my hair are thinner, still OK, but I can feel it. Is this something considered as "normal" ? Do you loose volume or thickness while aging ? My question can sounds stupid, but I just wanted to have your feedback about this ?

And what do you think about that effect of stress on hair loss ? Some says that it needs a real physiological stress (accident, illness, ...) to have any impact, other says that even mild long term anxiety/stress can cause it ? Did you felt any impact on that ?

Thanks for your help guys
Have a great day

07-17-2014, 02:47 AM
Short reply since im in a bit of a hurry.. But stress is definitely a factor in hair loss, especially long term emotional stress. Try google "low cortisol + hair loss" or "high cortisol+hair loss" and also there's a connection between stress/cortisol and thyroid function. As for what is considered normal thinning for a 30 year old, it is impossible to say, we are all different.

There are varoius supplements you can take to lower cortisol; Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Maca, vit C, fish oil etc, but the best way is to adress the stressor!