View Full Version : 28 yo, my story : succes and fails

07-16-2014, 02:17 AM
Hello every body , I 'm from France.
I started to lose my hair at the age of 20. I'm 28 actually.
I 'm norwood II today ....

I suffer from androgenetic alopecia lot of mens of my family are bald, my 2 grandpas were bald too :/
I'm a bodybuilder, and prior steroids use probably speeded up the condition, but my younger brother looses his hairs too, and never touched this .... and a lot of my friends are juice monsters and their head is full of hairs ....

I tried a lot of thing :
first minoxidil + propecia.
My doc write me a scrit when I was 22, before steroids use.
I had finasteride 5 mg, I cut them into quarter.
Minox dryed my hairs, and I was afraid by the propecia because it was against my bodybuilder's objectives ( You need dht to be lean, cut, and I was afraid to loose my libido )
So I stopped the treatment after 1 or 2 months.

Then I tried spironolactone cream during aas use.
I don't really know if it helped to gain some hairs or not ....

After I saw a specialist for an hair transplant.
For a FUT it would have cost me 3000 euros ( about 4500 dollars ). It was too expansive for me ( I'm a student ) so he offered me to try prp platelet rich plasma injection therapy, for 300 euros ( 450 dollars )
He told me that 95% of men who received the treatment had hair regrowth under a 6 months period.
I was very happy and tried this method.
of course I'm one of those 5% mens who dont have result !!!!
So I lost 450$ and haven't one more hair on my temples ....

Last year I tried an hair system replacement.

I wanted to tempt an FUE on Istambul this summer, but I here a lot of mixed reviews, and it cost the same price than in France for a good practiser. I don't want to try a low cost FUE, because I saw a lot of fail on french boards.

So I decided to re try the hair system remplacment soon

thanks for reading me, and excuse me for my english, I tried to do my best see you soon guys