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07-15-2014, 09:36 PM
You can view my pics and progression with medication here:


I'm planning two consultations. One with farjo and one with reddy in the U.K. From the experiences of those of you on this board + any other lurking professionals I would like to know if i'd be considered a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. If you look at my pics, when parted my hair is still fairly similar to the first baseline pic

I'm 24 just now but have been losing my hair for 8 years very slowly since age 8. Because i didn't have a massive temple recession I didn't notice that I was losing hair from MPB.

I'm pretty much banking on this suitability as despite my pictures, the regrowth i've had isn't that great and i'm beginning to shed again and worried it won't grow back although I think i've caught my loss just in time to save my crown and potential donor areas. I have VERY fine hair but it's very dense so I think 2000 grafts or so would make a HUGE difference. I always style my hair with product every day to make it thicker since it's naturally thin and i intend to take propecia for life if necessary.

I know that most surgeons consider 25 to be the earliest age but since I have fairly advanced but slow loss + the pills are working i'm wondering if that puts me in a safer area. I'm getting the consultation NOW so that they can see how I progress for a year on Propecia despite the fact i'm already taking it. This will give me enough time to also make a decision on whether to go ahead with surgery or not once I am of age. I'm not one of these younger guys that's done zero research and looking for a totally straight low hairline. I would be happy to do FUE and maintain what I have then shave down to a 1 all-over if the transplanted hair began to look unnatural over time.

Thoughts? thanks

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