View Full Version : Am I losing it? 23 - Would really appreciate some advice.

07-14-2014, 08:45 AM
Sorry to be another one putting out another 'am I losing my hair' posts but I've been worried about recession for quite a while now..I have a bit of a struggle with depression and this whole 'am I/aren't I?' thing is stressing me out somewhat. My Grandad went bald very early and highly aggressively, whereas my other Grandad had a full head of hair and so did my Dad.

The thing that is making me so hesitant that my hairline is receding is my ridiculous hairline as a child (a deep V) and that there hasn't been any change in my hairline that I can notice from a year ago - I had a fair few smaller hairs a year ago on the left hand side and now only have a lot smaller of an amount. The rational me would think it was a maturing hairline that's more pronounced due to my juvenile hairline being silly. Friends don't think it is but receding but yeah, any opinions would be appreciated..
Have a cat photo as a thanks.

1st pic is childhood hairline (best photo I could find)
2nd two pictures are a year and a half ago
The rest are recent. Apologies for stupid face expressions. (usually have long hair and a centre parting but tied it back)

07-17-2014, 08:11 PM
Well you do have a receding hairline but.. If i take a look at you pic as a child i would say it looks pretty much the same! I think u were already born like that, and, in your most recent photos it doesnt look that bad! You look more 'agressive' with it and if you're a metal-head (which i think you are) then id say thats a plus! Theres a thread in this section about a guy with similar problems that got great results with a certain medication, you should check it out! Cheers!

07-18-2014, 03:36 AM
Have to agree. From the pictures you've uploaded it looks as if your hairline has always been like that, so it's natural. Let's hope you got your dad's hair genes! Are you closer in colour and texture to your Dad or Mum. It could help you deceide which side of your family you inherited your hair genes from. A possible indicator of your hair will look in the coming years. Yes, there are a number of products out there that do help with maturing hairlines, if you really believe it's receeding. But, they don't work for everyone. You do have a nice head of hair!

07-18-2014, 12:15 PM
Dude you hair is fine! Look at the photos of my hair in the thread I just posted and you'll see some loss :)