View Full Version : Just shave it.

07-10-2014, 05:07 PM
Hey guys. Just to tell you all, I cut my hair real short. I did a four all around. I just took a deep breath while listening to one of my favorite songs (if. You're curious, bleed out- blue October.) and I feel a lot better. I am in high school and I am 18, and it feels better that I am not hiding anything. Yea, hair loss sucks, but we move on.... Here are some pics from how I looked before, and how I am now.

07-10-2014, 05:20 PM
Yeah yeah, we all move on, especially with a thick NW2 like yours. Wait until you're past NW4 to give us such amazing advice.

Sorry for my bitterness, as I've said before, that's just because I reached NW5 by the age of 23. But I've moved on too, by having an expensive FUE hair transplant.