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07-10-2014, 03:13 PM
I am now almost 42 years of age , and have suffered with hair loss since my teens ( pretty much puberty kicked in and hair went!)
This has always had a MASSIVE effect on my self esteem as I always felt ugly, and different to everyone else. I avoided social situations as I felt people were looking at my hair line, and it affected my confidence in holding a normal conversation. I developed anxiety and a social phobia as a result.
It also affected relationships ( due to depression, low self esteem etc)
I would avoid the sun ( scalp could be seen) Windy days were a nightmare of hat cover ups and hair clips etc. I learnt how to hide my hair with a good hair cut and side parting, but have always been badly affected by it.
I have tried thickening shampoos and conditioners, serums, sprays, vitamin tablets ...you name it,I tried it!!
So this year and after a year of particular depression and misery, I decided to do something about it and looked into getting hair surgery ( which was a massive thing for me as my social phobia makes it difficult to hold discussions without getting tongue tied and feeling anxious)
After much research and several phone calls, I found a clinic and went for a consultation.
The process was relatively easy albeit I had to travel to London ( daughter came with me for support) and they took photos, discussed my health etc. The surgeon insisted on blood tests to ensure there were no health reasons ( thyroid etc) and this had to be done through my doctor which took a few weeks for results etc.
It was actually a relief to know that I did not have a medical reason for it, and also to be told that my vitamin and iron levels are all good and that basically I am fit and healthy. !!
So in May this year I spent a life changing day, being looked after by amazing staff and a surgeon ( Dr Diaz ) with a sense of humour ( telling me that he had shaky hands so to keep an eye ). The process was thoroughly explained every step of the way and 8 hours later I was on my way home. I had the strip technique surgery and therefore stitches which were covered by my remaining hair. The painkillers numbed the pain and I can honestly say that other than a little discomfort at night, and some facial swelling, It was overall a positive experience. I took 10 days off work and I am very glad that I did.

I had 1750 grafts which is pretty much the max for a woman. For men the options can be much greater.

I am now 2 months post op with a thin scar that is barely visible and I am excited to report that my hair is starting to sprout through!
For anyone considering this, Please be advised that it is not an overnight cure, nor is it suitable for everyone. The results can take up to a year and I have no idea of how much difference it will make to my density,but I will keep you updated.
I hope that sharing my positive experience will help other women and men in their chosen paths to helping their hair loss.
My surgery was carried out by Dr Diaz https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Hair-Restoration/262045633816659?ref=hl

I was able to upload some photos to the FB page for the surgeon to do a preliminary observation which was followed by a consultation once I had plucked up the courage!