View Full Version : $1.50 per graft in Europe/Turkey, Dr. Recommendations?

07-09-2014, 12:21 AM
Moreso just looking for information for the future as i'll be looking to add either DUT or CB to my regime to see if I can help the hairloss even more, but for the most part my hairloss has slowed to a halt(or if it is getting worse, it's at a very slow pace).

It started at 18 and I've been a NW3 diffuse for over two years now, about to turn 23.

Anyway, I've read around and it seems Turkey or at least that region of Europe is very cheap but still very good so the value is high, Generally reading around the cost seems to be 1-2 euro's per graft FUE! being a younger male I dont exactly have 15000 to drop on a transplant, but 3-5000(flight/transport would cost 800-1000) is very justifiable(i'd say I need about 2000 grafts at most)

So what are you general recommendations and/or dr. recommendations? just for the future as I consider my options. I live in Canada by the way, but the North American doc's charge ridiculous prices.

09-19-2014, 05:31 AM
I am also looking into Turkey. I havent made up my mind fully but I may have my hair transplant with Longevita. Their prices are cheaper compared to others and their agents have been very nice so far. Yet again I am not so sure. I will keep you updated as I will decide in a couple of weeks.