View Full Version : 20 year old , on propecia for nearly a month possible regrowth

07-08-2014, 05:27 AM
Hi there

I started thinning rapidly at 19.

I made a post before and asked if I had MPB, thanks to the guys who told me I did and gave advice.

Decided to take the plunge and try Propecia despite reading about sides, luckily got no sides at all. Not using minox though as too lazy. :)

I seem to have basically no shedding but I have got comments that my hair looks like it's gained volume, I can't really tell much but it seems to have.

I read the leaflet and it says minimum 6 months but I've read it takes much longer, so I will update in 5-6 months time I guess.

I wanna know if I'm being too optimistic or if it has been regrowing.



07-08-2014, 06:28 AM
Your hair does look a little better in the photo on the right. Although Propecia blocks DHT immediately, the earliest visible improvement I have heard of is 3 months. Stick with it and pick up some Rogaine foam. Every little bit helps. If it's in your budget, have an ACell/PRP treatment.

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