View Full Version : 1530 FUE by FIT - 9 months- MyWHTC clinic's Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD

WHTC Clinic
07-05-2014, 09:01 PM
Prior to coming to the MyWHTC clinic’s European location in Brussels, Belgium, this patient sought a solution to the hair loss on the frontal hairline and in the temple regions. The patient had no family history of hair loss and attempted to treat the recession by administering shampoo treatments alone. In treating younger patients, we often perform thorough examination through more than one consultation, and we advise younger patients about pursuing maximal medical therapy. We also recommend luminous therapy, whey protein, and vitamins for non-surgical hair loss remedies.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD, successfully treated this 23-year old patient by transplanting 1530 FUE by FIT grafts in one session. The patient has wavy dark brown hair of a medium-fine caliber with about average donor density. At nine months post-op, the patient is pleased with the noticeable improvement. Through our advancement of FUE, we can achieve a desirable effect in both the donor and recipient areas by transplanting a minimal amount of grafts. We are excited to present yet another happy patient. Without a doubt, the patient can totally avoid being identified as a hair transplant patient.