View Full Version : Traction Alopecia and not sure what to do

07-05-2014, 12:00 AM
Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this form recently. So I am 25 years old and wore a turban for about 23 years and my hair was tied up tight in a bun for most of it. Got rid of it about a year and a half ago but unfortunately my hair is not coming back on the temporal regions. I have seen a dermatologist to no avail and wanted to see Dr Shapiro but I go to school is Boston for most of the year and our schedules won't work out. I have tried 5% minoxidil for a bit, with very little luck. Anybody know if there are any other options out there? I feel a bit lost as to where to go, and without being able to see a hair specialist here or in Boston anytime soon, I wonder if any body has any suggestions. Also, for those of you who did go thru somebody like H&W how long did it take to get a consult, and how much was the subsequent surgery? Any recommendations on doctors our in Vancouver or in Boston? Also are transplants any cheaper if you go do it in America? I know it is graft specific but don't even know how many I would need.
Thanks in advance for all the help!