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06-26-2014, 11:37 AM
Hi all,

I have recently become very obsessive about my hair, the crown seems fine but I am thinning at the front at some pace, I stare all the time and worry myself a lot about it. Family all tell me they can't see it...... but then they would right?

Please look at the picture and let me know your thoughts....
it used to be thicker like it is on the left side. I have just turned 27 and never worried about hair loss, now my mind thinks of little else. I have long hair because I have problems with my scalp and so products aggravated it but worry I will need to change it very quickly or it doesn't cover it well.

Please let me know what you think....33205

06-27-2014, 11:39 AM
it does look a little sparse at the front, nothing to worry about really. I'd get on Fin though, just to be sure. It's cheap to buy generic proscar- 100, 15 quid a month or something, cut it into 5's. If you get no sides after a month (you may get some mild ones early on as you adjust) then stick with it. 27 isn't a bad age to thin out, i'm 24 and mines worse than yours, not hugely, but noticably.

06-27-2014, 12:45 PM
At 27, I don't think you have too much to worry about. We can't tell a lot from a front photo though. I know a guy who had long hair and a good hairline. He pulled his hair back into a ponytail. One day he shaved his head. Low and behold, he had a 4" diameter bald spot in the back he was able to completely cover up with the dense hair in front of it. You know MPB is hereditary? What does your family history of hair loss look like?

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06-27-2014, 02:39 PM
Thanks for the help so far!

I'm going to get my hair cut shorter as I think long hair actually makes it worse as its heavy and I can't create any texture, I do sports as well and think I lose some of it at JiuiJitsu or Muay Thai as I tie it back.

My dad is 54 and has lost the front of his hair but has enough to cover it, his father was bald and my mothers side is ok.

I never even had this as a concern and now it's all I think about, I'm worried about starting any meds due to side affects as I want to have children soon and have heard some concerns about propecia, also as I had a lot of stress I am hoping its down to that or gluten/dairy..... I'm not sure if I am clinging to those a bit too hard but I'm desperately hoping... It was absolutely fine a year ago then it just insta thinned....

let me know your thoughts,

Thank you!

06-27-2014, 11:27 PM
it doesn't look so bad but i would recommend more photos to allow us to assess.