View Full Version : Platelet Rich Plasma injections

06-25-2014, 08:38 AM


Any one see this treatment before? The before and after pics look promising, and it looks like it can greatly help diffuse thinners. Is this the type of treatment that needs to be continually done to maintain as well? I have been looking for these injection type treatment as I am diffuse thinning on most of the top. Does this work in similar fashion to the Adipose-Derived stem cell method? Sorry if this is a repost...

06-25-2014, 04:33 PM
Yeah there's actually a whole subforum dedicated to it: https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/forums/40-Platelet-Rich-Plasma-Therapy-%28PRP%29

But I wouldnt get too excited: there's no evidence at all that this works, so this seems to be just another snake oil therapy.