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Andrew Vernon
06-23-2014, 03:23 PM
Hi its Andrew !!

I have made the effort in keeping in touch with Dr. Cole
and his crew in Atlanta.

Since having experienced a bad procedure in 2006 it was important
to find the right physician to correct the bad procedure .

I'm glad to say since 2007 Dr. Cole and his crew have always been
there for me .

Dr. Cole and his crew painstakingly corrected my hair line .
He and his crew were genuinely caring and concerned .

I admired their honesty , integrity and was relieved when told that my hairline
could be corrected and that my donor area was better than average .
I was relieved to hear this .

I had traveled from South Korea to Atlanta for my first procedure .
The Forhair crew took care of all the logistics on my arrival into Atlanta .

Every step of my procedure was explained clearly and concisely.
I was impressed with post operative care . Dr Cole and his crew would
always respond to my emails and were with me all the way during my

I was so impressed I built up repoire with Dr . Cole and the crew
that I came back for further procedures .

Although I have had no further procedures since 2012 I have continued to
visit Dr. Cole and his crew from the U.K .

See my testimonial on Youtube : Forhair

FUE Hair Transplant Results & Testimonial of UK Patient


My advice to any Brit make the right decision and cross the pond .