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06-18-2014, 02:49 PM
I'm seeing guys at all stages of hair loss getting work done, and it seems like the more research I do, the more confused I become.
My hairline definitely took a bad hit before I went on Fin, but after 12-13 years of treatment, it seems pretty stable, or at least as slow as possible. I think I'm still losing a little bit in the front each year, with no crown/diffuse thinning issues. I'd like some of my old hairline back, but I feel like I might want to hold on to my available donor area in case things get worse down the road. I'm 36, and my hairline hasn't gotten much worse over the last 12-13 years thanks to fin.

How does one decide when the time is right to go ahead with their first procedure?

Is it best to wait until a more advanced stage of hair loss?

Does everyone who gets their hairline restored have to go back for more surgeries eventually, or do most people believe that the finasteride will keep things intact indefinitely? I could really use some clarification.


06-20-2014, 03:21 AM
Hi Karlton,

Appreciate it is confusing as to what is best to do but in my opinion as someone who is looking to restore their hairline your situation looks better than most to go ahead and get something done. The big danger with restoring a hairline is the continued loss, it sounds as you are as stable as you can be in terms of hairline loss and I expect even with being on meds you will loose more hair in the future in the immediate hairline so yes whenever you have surgery you need to be prepared to have further surgeries in the future to combat further loss.

Of course you could wait until you are 40 and the picture of your loss might be clearer but it depends how much it bothers you? If it bugs you on a daily basis then I see no reason to wait if it is not so much of a concern then maybe you should wait.

There is no right time when it comes to getting your first ht it depends on a number of factors. On paper you sound like a good candidate, age is not a concern, history of meds, stable loss provided you have a decent donor area and realistic expectations on how your hairline should look I see no reason why now is not the right time. You sound like you have realistic expectations from your post and keeping plenty of donor in reserve for that unknown x factor of hair loss in the future.

You should start to consult with some Doctors local to you and take a range of photos for online consults from Doctors recommended on here to get a range of opinions. Good luck.