View Full Version : Some questions for those who take propecia

06-18-2014, 12:51 PM
Hey guys first time poster!

I am a bit worried about potential hair loss as my father has lost his hair and I look very similar to him, express the same hair color and texture but have my mothers hairline. At the moment I am in my early 20's and there was a sudden change in my hairline at some point, however at this moment I would class it as a mature hairline as I am maybe a norwood 1 (still not ruling out possibility of genetic hair loss). I am just so confused whether to start considering propecia as my father has some brothers with hair whilst himself, one other brother and his father are bald (all brothers having same mother and father).

So I really need to know whether it is time to begin considering propecia, although I have a few questions as I have read MANY for and against taking the drug!

My main concern is being able to have a child, I read on some forums that people struggle to have babies on it as it reduces sperm quality? That is a major fear for me as the main thing I want in life is to raise a family, however I need my hair and my confidence to 'attract a mate' haha. Has anybody been on propecia for long periods and still had a healthy child? If so was it harder to conceive then usual?

I've also read a lot of stuff about it causing cancer (whilst others claim the opposite)? Again I'm not sure if there is any evidence of this but it is still a concern when I read things! I just don't like the idea of taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life if there is going to be health risks.

Another question is lets say I am not going to go bald after all. Would taking it do anything negative to my hair?

I am really sorry if I haven't explained things properly, I am quite sick at the moment with headaches and I'm finding it really hard to think straight. Look forward getting some replies and hope I haven't said anything too stupid.

Many thanks