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06-16-2014, 11:20 AM
Hi everyone!
Before telling you my story, I would like to point out that Iíve done a big research about Accutane, I had been reading most messages around the internet forums from people, who suffered from Accutane. Unfortunately, Iím still not satisfied with this information, so I decided to make my own topic with questions.

Iím 23 now, female. I started using Accutane 2 years ago, and the effect was incredible for the first time (clean skin, no acne). Then Iíve made a pause, and after 3 mounts I started it again. It was the worst period in my life: depression (thoughts of suicide, mercurial mood, invariable behavior, weak nerves); dry skin, lips, hair; weak teeth and ect. Iíve got rid of most of these problems, but while on Accutane Iíve lost a GREAT amount of hair.
Before I had curly thick hair, with good volume, but then it became thin, Iíve lost 60-70% of it and the volume has gone (btw my acne returned). So Iím not using Accutane for 1,5 years, my hair became a little bit better but still not as good as before.

My doctor says I donít have AGA or any health problems, just my hair got thinner (not only on my head, but also on my face and all body), now it improved a bit but my trichologist canít tell me for sure if I could ever return my hair back.

I wanted to ask you several questions about it, like if anyone here suffered or still suffers the problem with thin hair after accutane?
- Did you return ALL your hair back? With the former thickness, volume and condition?
- How much time did it take to regrow it? (if it happened)
- Do you know REALLY good and helpful stuff (vitamins and food additives, masks, sprays, smth special and ect. ) for thicken and volume the hair, for growing it? What about biotin? Does it really helps?
P.S. Sorry for my English mistakes, English isnít my native language :)