View Full Version : Order hair loss meds, need help

06-08-2014, 08:15 AM
I decided to start on hair loss medications because of big increase in hair loss in the last couple of months, probably because of 2 surgeries that i had and i already had weak hair before . In my country i was able to find only minoxidil 5% but its home made version with another name. I cant find finasteride anywhere even if i am able to get prescription and its really frustrating. I placed an order on internet for 5mg finasteride on topmedshop24.com where it said its from Canada but my bank report said money went to China and later i found out that there are many online pharmacies that are marked as scams and that one is probably one of them, and even if get my product i am not sure will i use it because i am afraid what it might contain, or maybe i will send it for toxicology report... Stupid of me i know but this is the first time i am ordering anything online. I heard about legit product from Merck but i dont know can i get it without prescription or even how to place an order or the price or are they shipping to my country because their site is so confusing. So i am asking you people can you recommend to me any safe web sites where i could buy finasteride without prescription, or sites where you get your meds, i mean finasteride, minoxidil and nizoral 2 %? I know i can find minoxidil and nizoral on ebay but i dont know is it safe to take it from there, i dont want to make the same mistake twice....

06-25-2014, 03:56 AM
Such products are really very worse one they are not good to use, as you told try to do meditation and all.