View Full Version : Desperate!! Purchase a Few Strips of Fin. Please Help!

06-08-2014, 12:10 AM
Hello All,

I know I just made a post recently about this topic, but I wanted to explicitly ask if any member would be willing to send a few strips of finasteride to me in the next couple of days!

I am waiting for my fin to arrive from Inhousepharmacy in 2 weeks and can't make an appointment to see my doctor for another month to get a prescription.

Im very desperate right now and I'm sorry if this sounds vain. But I just checked my crown today and noticed that I have lost a great deal of hair since I ran out of finasteride and I really want to stop it before it gets worse.

I will pay a premium for the pills and only need 7-10! I am currently living in Chicago. My email address is my username @gmail.com.

Please help! Balding at 21 is a horrible experience :(