View Full Version : Dr Cooley Female HT 2541 grafts + PRP/ACell

Jerry Cooley, MD
06-07-2014, 04:31 PM
This woman is in her forties with almost ten years of progressive hair loss. We usually do blood tests in our female patients and her iron and vitamin D levels were extremely low. We corrected these and prescribed spironolactone and topical minoxidil. We performed PRP/ACell and FUT consisting of 2541 grafts (1-1227, 2-1172, 3-142 = 3997 hairs). Of note, her hair counts were fairly typical for the females we see: only 1.6 hairs per graft compared to most of our male patients which are closer to two hairs per graft. Close examination showed excellent growth of the grafts down the center of her scalp, but the global improvement was a combination of the grafting, PRP, and medical treatment. She is shown one year later.