View Full Version : Balding since 14 almost 17. Need your help and support

06-04-2014, 08:57 PM
I would like to apologize for the absence of images, it's late here. I have had a small bald spot on back of my head (the "swirl" to be exact) since I was 14, thinning on top since 15 ish and hairline receding since like 6 months ago.

People are respectful, but it's my main source of depression and that's saying a lot because I have been a sick kid most of my life. Now homeschooled because of chronic headaches I have been dealing with it alone. I'll probably end up joining the army, tell people I lost my hair because of all the sand and the helmet lol. My long hair doesn't help neither, i comb it every hour, now it's this messed up "combover" thing, It actually looks good with hairspray but it is just making the balding worse.

I used to be able to just say fukkit medium length layered hair, it looked really good. But now with my hairline receding I don't know. I'm actually scared of going to a barber, I haven't gotten a haircut in a long time. My mom used to nag me to cut my hair when it was long, it's long now and she is leaving me alone. It's depressing guys.

Should I minoxidil and nizoral? Buzz cut my hair? I know propecia is out of question at my age, I would consider it at 19-20 though. I feel like shit here.

06-04-2014, 09:30 PM
If you can buzz your head and move on with your life, I would say that is your best option. If not, then get on minoxidil and nizoral, then when you are older get on fin. There is hope. You are young and could possibly respond well to minoxidil. Hopefully something better will be available in a few years, but who knows.