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06-04-2014, 06:05 PM
I wish I found this site 5 years ago.

I knew nothing about fin or minox and a hair transplant to me was just goofy. I told my buddy I was going bald like ____, he said get on Propecia and he is on Dut. I was like what's that. I Google hair loss and found this site. Long story short I got on the Big 3 ASAP. I wanted to see how I respond in a year and to see if I can stick with this. In that time I saved money like a mad man, researched and visited numerous HT surgeons. I decided I was doing FUE, front work done and I wanted PRP/Acell. Everything was coming back to Cole. No way on Gods Green Earth was I doing strip! I was sold on a HT when I heard Wes Welker had a HT. If he can do it so can I. Although money was an issue but I'd rather have hair than a fancy car or what ever.

My story is not much different than everyone else. I was nervous, scared, excited, you name it, I felt it. The morning of the surgery I ate a solid breakfast. Went to the office and they took some measurements and photos. I was extremely nervous. Cole asked me how I style my hair. I have not styled my hair in 6 or 8 years. I told him I style to hide the thinning. After we got going it wasn't bad at all. My biggest mistake was not eating my lunch (ate half of my sub) and at the end of the day I wasn't feeling the best but it past. So make sure you eat your lunch. I was a little surprised we did 2859 grafts. I told Cole I was planning for future loss and I'm good with a mature hairline (I'm 34). Glad we did that.

Another big mistake I did was not stocking my house with food. I am in SC on a job assignment so everything is bare minimum. The next day I rolled threw Burger Kings drive through looking like Sloth from the Goonies. That poor girl had the most terrifying look on her face. I just smiled.

The first week I had some swelling. After that went away and the scabs cleaned up around day 10 or so I thought it looked very good. Then the grafts started to fall out. Just like everyone says around 1-3 months is terrible. I have diffused thinning and it started to really show.

At 3 months I had my first hair cut. I went to my hair lady and told her I did it. I had the HT. She says she couldn't tell but maybe she was being nice. She kept asking questions. we took it to a #3 guard and tapered up. I was surprised at how well my hair looked cleaned up. Anything less than a 3 you can see my birthmark. I get comments about it when I go shorter. It's not bad but looks like I was slapped in the head. That's also another reason why I want hair.

Thanks to the team, those ladies in the back worked extremely hard. Cole gave me hundreds of grafts that I did not pay for. I guess that is the perk of FUE, the Doctor can just hammer on if needed and if he cares. Another thing about Cole is he likes what he does and takes it serous. He tells it like it is and I"m glad.

Big thanks to Northeastguy.

06-04-2014, 06:11 PM
This is about 2 weeks out. I returned to my Personal Trainer after 16 days post OP.

06-04-2014, 06:30 PM
The other photos I took are to blurry. I should of had someone else take them but it's not the highlight of my day to have pictures of my hair taken. I hope I can leave this site and stop in once every 6 months to catch up.

2.5 months in I noticed my first stray hair. at 3 months I noticed some VERY thin hairs. So far everything is as expected.

I'd like to start PRP once a year or buy a LLLT cap. The science behind both makes sense but how do you know who's doing PRP the best and what LLLT cap is best? Some caps are $800 and others $3k. some PRP is $600 to $1700. I'd rather PRP at $1700 once a year than $800 LLLT cap twice a week.

I started the big 3 Dec 2012 I have not had any side effects but to be honest I really hate taking any type of drug. Would be great to take meds 3 times a week and PRP once a year or use a LLLT cap to maintain my hair.

06-04-2014, 07:18 PM
Great write-up! The pics at the two week mark look amazing!

07-20-2014, 11:05 AM
5 month update.

Like everyone I wish this would thicken up. It's already better than what I started with. I let my hair grow longer, I might buzz it down. Every week things get better. I'll add more every month. At 7 months I'm hoping to go back for a PRP treatment and get photos.