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06-03-2014, 09:01 PM
Greetings all,

I have been a lurker on this website for some time and have admired the progression photos by those brave enough to both undergo the hair transplant (HT) procedure and then to share with the very interested community at large. These forums give us the evidence and courage we observers need to make a reasoned decision to blow a large sum of money. Well let me rephrase that, to invest a large sum of money in ourselves for a high yield return. As so many others have been generous enough to share their HT adventures on this forum, I feel it is somewhat of a duty for me to do the same in order to pay the kindness forward to those still riding the fence. To that end, I've described my first HT experience below and will be providing updates on my upcoming second HT experience with Dr. Wong.

HT#1 (2006)
When I was about 31, I researched the HT process for the first time, but did not research any doctors as there was not much information available on the web for individual doctors at that point. Not knowing much about the procedure, but a risk-taker at heart, I took a leap of faith with the first doctor I had a consultation with. I admit that I got pretty lucky as not all doctors provide the same results as I have learned.

Although I had thinning to my temple regions and a little to my crown, my coverage was fairly good pre-op across my scalp, with my hairline beginning to break down. The doctor recommended 1700 grafts and I went through with the surgery. In the immediate weeks following the procedure I experienced quite a bit of shock loss to my pre-existing hair which caused me much concern. My doctor did not explain to me I would experience this. However, after three to four months, my hair returned to normal, and then began to thicken a little bit.

Overall I have to say that I benefited from the first HT experience and received a good result. It has been a little over eight years since that experience, and my hair still looks decent. I have posted some current pictures just taken that show I can cover my bald spots with some mild comb-over attempts. However, this becomes rather problematic at times - during sports, showers, windy days, running outside, waking up in the morning, etc. - which causes me great discomfort and keeps me from cutting my hair short.

HT#2 (2014)
Now, in 2014, I have been researching HT doctors again leading up to another procedure. Given the wealth of knowledge and photo journals on these forums, it has made the decision much easier the second time with significantly less risk. Time and again I see solid results coming from Hasson and Wong, and so I have scheduled my next HT with that esteemed office.

In just about three weeks I will again go under the knife, but this time it will be at the hands of Dr. Wong, a surgeon I feel I have vetted and whose quality work I have seen in multiple photo journal posts. When I attended my initial consultation I was told that Dr. Wong should be able to get over 4000 grafts from my donor area, even though I have previously had 1700 grafts removed in 2006. I was encouraged to begin performing laxity exercises at least a month prior to the procedure, and I've been doing those twice a day beginning last month.

I've attached my pre-op pictures showing what my hair looks like with my comb-over and what it looks like with the bald truth revealed. You will notice that there is some plugginess from the initial HT, and I tend to comb the hair forward in order to hide this. My goal is to obtain a bit more coverage in the crown area, and to rebuild my hairline with density, and then with the remaining grafts to improve the mid area between the front and the crown ever so slightly.

After I attend my procedure in three weeks I will post an update with the post-op pictures for your viewing pleasure.

06-04-2014, 07:47 AM
After reviewing my long-winded post, I came up with a few more details to share and a few questions for those who have had a procedure done in the recent past.

I want to add that when I went to my consultation earlier this year, the representative was very informative about the process at Hasson and Wong, and answered several questions that I had been unable to research on my own. Next, the consultant asked me questions about my prior procedure - including whether my recipient area had been shaved for the new grafts or not. The answer was no. One reason I think my result with my prior procedure could have been better was if the recipient area would have been shaved so the doctor would be less likely to kill a pre-existing mature hair. I didn't consider this during my first surgery, and this is likely one of the causes of my severe shock loss, and not obtaining an even better result. This time you can bet I will be getting my recipient area shaved!

This leads me to my question. Currently my hair is about 2-3 inches on top and about 1 inch in length on the sides. Is it better to go into the clinic wearing your hair as you normally do so the doctor can see your hair style? I ask this question because I would prefer to cut my hair down to 1/2 inch on the sides and on the top so that my hair does not interfere with the staple removal process after the procedure. Additionally, I plan to keep my hair closely cropped on the sides at about that length until about the 3 month post-op phase.

If I bring in pictures, or point the doctor to this website where I've already posted how my hair looks normally, shouldn't that be sufficient? I plan to explain what my goals are to the doctor in terms of where I would like coverage and density, and then listen to his expert advice on how the grafts should be positioned for the most natural look.

I have posted a few more pictures of my hair in the frontal view and the top view when I'm ready for work on any given day. I intend to keep a hairstyle somewhat similar to this once the new grafts grow in, but I'd also like to grow it long or try a few other hairstyles in the future.

Bottom line: should I let it continue to grow and go into the clinic as is, or is it okay to cut it short down to 1/2 inch all around?

06-04-2014, 07:24 PM
You can probably send the doctor pictures of how you wear your hair and I bet you can even get your haircut at the clinic on the day of surgery. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

06-04-2014, 09:28 PM
Thanks for the feedback JB, I think I will email the long-hair pictures to the doctor's office beforehand, and then cut it all over with a 1/2 inch guard. Then, I'll take some more pre-op pictures with short hair and post them here. Also, when I cut my hair short, I'll post some pics of my previous strip scar which is covered now.

Showing up with short hair should give a more accurate portrayal of my balding status to the doctor and allow him to better diagnose my condition and advise on graft placement.

06-05-2014, 11:02 AM
Hi Flash,

I wish you all the best with your upcoming procedure with Dr Wong and his team. You are in very safe and experienced hands.

As for your hair I would shave it to 1/2 an inch so that people around you get used to you having that short look so that it draws less attention to you head when you come back after surgery with an even shorter look.

As you know the recipient area will be shaved and the sides will need to be longer to cover the staples, it depends on how long you have off work for this area to grow as many patients are choosing to wear the sides and back short after surgery. We can give you a haircut to even things out if you like.

Dr Wong will not really need to see how you wear your hair now he will place the grafts as he sees the requirement and this can be discussed with you. Hopefully you will have more options on how to style your hair once you get to the 1 year mark.

Good luck and please keep the forum posted on your progress.

06-06-2014, 06:31 AM
I appreciate the advice Garageland. Your detailed photo journal has definitely been an inspiration for me to visit Hasson and Wong. I'm taking some vacation time for about a month so I'm hoping to be nice and healed before I return to work. Cutting my hair shorter now to prepare my co-workers is a great idea.

06-10-2014, 12:36 AM
Thanks very much Flash, one month will give you plenty of time to recover. Look forward to seeing your updates.

06-24-2014, 07:13 PM
My procedure is this Friday and I can feel the anticipation building. It's been so long since my last procedure, I can vaguely remember the experience. From my recollection, I can recall that it is a very long day, and I have to remind myself to be relaxed and patient - I'm going to be there a while. I said I would post a few more pre-op pictures, so I've attached a hairline picture with wet hair combed straight back and a view from the top. On the day prior to the surgery, I'll be cutting the length to 1/2 inch all over. I won't be posting again until the day after the surgery, and I expect to have updates about every two days or so up until the two week mark. I'll also try to get an actual count of the grafts from the doctor either before I leave the clinic or shortly thereafter.

06-29-2014, 05:53 PM
So the big day came and went. Now begins the long recovery period. I believe the total graft count is 3904, but I still need the specific numbers from the clinic. As it is a long weekend in Canada, I don't think I'll be able to get the number breakdown for singles and doubles until Wednesday. Attached are pictures of my hair cut to 1/2 inch length pre-op, and then day 1 post-op pictures. I'm going to be very careful for the next several days. So far so good!

07-11-2014, 03:57 PM
So I was a little too ambitious with my predicted updates. Looks like I will be lucky if I am able to update once a month, though I expect my next update to be in about two months. Attached are the pre-op and day of surgery pictures from the clinic, in addition to a two-week post-op picture. I still have a few crusts which I expect to come out in the shower in the next few days.

07-15-2014, 10:23 AM
So the big day came and went. Now begins the long recovery period. I believe the total graft count is 3904, but I still need the specific numbers from the clinic. As it is a long weekend in Canada, I don't think I'll be able to get the number breakdown for singles and doubles until Wednesday. Attached are pictures of my hair cut to 1/2 inch length pre-op, and then day 1 post-op pictures. I'm going to be very careful for the next several days. So far so good!

I really like the way he has designed the hairline. Kind of subtle, but it's not as overly regular looking at some hairline designs I've seen. I think you'll look really good once it grows out. Well done man. Can I ask how much it cost? Did you have to go to Vancouver? Thanks.

08-07-2014, 11:25 AM
Hey flash; got an update? would like to see how it is a month later...hope you're well.