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06-03-2014, 07:02 AM
hello guys, im 25, and from "my photos" it seems like there is something going on. But i can't really know exactly what kind of thinning which is going on.

Baldness runs in my family, but my dad(he is 50) is bald but he has a lot of hair on the sides left and also on the top (Means everything wasnt lost). All my paternal uncles have some kind of hair loss, but all of them have some hair left on top, except 1 who has only a receding hairline and minor thinning, and he is 55.

My mom has thing hair (no balding), my maternal uncle is completely bald but he lost all of his hair at 18.

Here you can see photos of my head with hair, this is approximately 5-6 weeks of growth, from a totally shaved scalp. I really hate shaving down, as I personally don't prefer the look.

So when did I start noticing it?

2011, was the year I started noticing after crash dieting(Barely ate anything cause I wanted to reduce my weight) for like 2 months, then after that the following year My hair was still there but slowly the texture and everything seemed to be thinner and thinner.

I shaved it all off last summer with a razor, because I was actually curious about what it looked like beneath the hair(I had maybe 6-7 month of hair before shaving) , and how the hairs were.. To my surprise when it grew back I seemed to be seeing much more skin through the scalp than before, and some hair follicles were there (with a small hair not growing). No one around me has noticed much difference

Whats surprising now was that most of the hairs had become miniaturized (means all are there but I cant style em in the front, (Yeah maybe with a very thin comb). This is what I suppose happened.

In 2013 I had very much stress due to studies etc, it was really making me stressed out and stuff. I have a VERY VERY stressful life. Not a difficult one but I have much tension.

So my question is, after you have seen the photos down there, could you give me your comment about whats going on.

I would also wanna know when you assume a hair transplant would be good for me, in 10 years? in 6?. I like hair, but I don't mind losing it naturally untill its gone. But I want a hair transplant after that. I dont think its really worth trying to keep miniaturized (unstylable hairs alive)

Give me your comments and thoughts. Thanks



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If you don't want to go bald then you need to treat your hair loss. Treatments can reverse the process and make those thin hairs into normal hair again. Even if you are thinking of a future hair transplant treating your hair loss is the way to go. The more hair you save now, the less you will have to transplant later.