View Full Version : Effectiveness of Generic Propecia (Fin) Bought From Costco

05-30-2014, 04:57 PM
Hey all,

Have been using propecia purchased from Costco with relative effectiveness for some time now. Have had some slight side effects while on it - slightly lower libido/errections not as hard/no more morning wood.

About a month ago switched to generic propecia (finestride) because the Costco pharmacist noted that generic version is still available. I can't say for sure because it's only been a month but it seems like I'm having some increased hairline loss on the temples, more so than while on Propecia. Could be just natural loss regardless of the switch or I could just be imaginging things. I've also noticed that I've lost all sexual side effects that I had on propecia (even though I'm taking the generic daily) - stronger libido, morning wood again, etc.

Is anyone having a similar reaction to this? Or stories of any experience making the switch recently? Can't seem to find many threads comparing effectiveness of propecia vs. generic (I'm guessing because the generic just got released in the U.S. not long ago?)

*The dosage I was on is the same from original propecia to the generic now.