View Full Version : Hope on the horizon

05-29-2014, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone,
To start, I first started to lose my hair at 22, I am now 36. Though I always had confidence in myself, whether I had hair or, now shaved clean, I think all will agree, it is not the same with a full head of hair. I will be going for a consultation for Hasson and Wong, and if all goes well, I will choose Dr. Wong.
Though both appear do very good work, it was difficult to choose, so I flip a coin and it was best out of three. If anyone can convince me other wise, please feel free, I am open to opinions. Here is a link for a CBS news program dated 10/22/2013. I thought I would share it with others, but I am sure most have seen it, but just in case if no one has.