View Full Version : Very Unique Hairloss?????

10-12-2009, 05:49 PM
I have searched the internet for many weeks and have found nothing like my condition. I am very impressed with this forum/site, I have learned a lot about balding from here. However I have still yet to find any balding like mine.

First off, NO one in my family is bald, not my mom, dad, both grandparents and not my uncle or aunt, however sadly it seems as though I am losing my hair. My hair began falling out at the end of university, right before exams. Ever since then, I could run my hand through my hair and everytime as atleast 2-3 hairs will come out, and at times 5-6 would come out, each with a white bulb. I have not noticed miniaturization too severely, most of the time 8/10 the hairs will be thick and full of life. There is no hair loss on the side of my head, only on the whole top of the head. It doesn't seem to me as though it is male pattern baldness, however I could be wrong, because I have read cases of diffuse thinning.

Now the unique part of my balding process is that I am losing my hair all over the top of my head, and EVEN more unique is that, I have this itch and anywhere this itch seems to exist that is the spot where the hair falls out. Immediately after the hair falls out the itch will disappear. I cannot get this itch to leave, even after showering I still have an itch randomly all over. I have tried many shampoos and nothing seems to work.

Do you think I am balding? And that this itch is from a dry scalp that I recieved from working outside everyday? Because it only started to itch mid way in the summer time. And it is really bad now and it itches all the time

10-12-2009, 06:04 PM
Hey man, welcome to the forum. Hopefully someone will be able to offer insight into your situation. There are a few questions that I want to ask.
How old are you now? And how long has your hair been falling out?

I experience the same type of itching that you are describing. My head would itchy alot where hairs fall out, then after the hair falls out, it would stop itching. Do you also notice that the hair is thinner towards the root end?

Also, do you notice hair loss anywhere else on your body? I ask, because I have lost quite a bit of pubic and overall body hair.

And lastly, from your pictures, it also looks like your sides are thinning. Are you sure you have no loss on your sides?

10-12-2009, 06:08 PM
I'm on 19 and started noticing that i was losing my hair midway the end up second semester of univeristy but there was no itch back then. The itch was just recent.

And no my side hair has always been that thin, no matter how hard i pull the side hair or the back, no hair will fall out. So that the wierd part about it. I;ve always had thin hair and hairs always have been falling out in the showers, but now its just ridiculous.

And no where else is my hair falling out, and the hair that falls out differs form one to another, sometimes its a strong piece and the rare occasion it will be a little thinner but not noticably thin (like still life to it)