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deejay mac
05-22-2014, 01:26 PM
Guess i'm sharing my story as how I am experiencing balding..
There are a few baldies in my family: on my moms side and on my dads side.
My dad started going bald in his teenage years as well, and he also had really thin hair.
Guess I got stuck with some bad genes.

I'm now 19 years old and probably between a NW2-NW3.
I've always had thin hair, but I only started being self aware about it when I got 15-16.
Since then I've had a sideways haircut with medium long hair to kind of cover up my rather big forehead and because I didn't know what else to do with my hair.

But as a teenager, going out with friends, going swimming,.. It started to get to my self esteem a bit.
The tiniest bit of wind would blow my hair out of its shape and you could see my head through the hair.

Around one year ago, I was browsing and looking for answers. I tried a 'Caffeine shampoo' (Alpecin), which did fairly nothing for me.

I also tried minoxidil 5% for a couple of months. I never really experienced BIG results with minoxidil.
When I was using the minoxidil, i first applied it twice a day: once in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

But after two weeks I changed to only doing it once a day: before I go to bed. Because in the morning I didn't have time, and it messes up your hair pretty bad if you have long hair (makes it greesy).

After 4-5 months of using it, I noticed a little bit of regrowth at the temples but the hairs were really thin and I didn't feel like it did much for me.
After a while; The Minoxodil also caused flakes in my hair when I combed my hair..

When I would go out with friends, I usually didn't apply it in the evening because I just wanted to sleep,
I didn't really care that much anymore.

I realised I was being held back by my hair situation.

I didn't want to go swimming because then my hair looks just ridiculous, when it's windy I would hate the way my hair looks, I would always think too much about my hair and how it looks.
It has been the subject for waking up, but also when going to sleep I would sometimes think about it...

I don't wanna be dependant on a product and apply it everyday, which causes me to be unhappy, doesn't have much effect, and if you stop it you'll lose your hair anyway.

If you go bald now, or you go bald in 2 years, what's the point anyway. Might as well go bald now.. ?

I feel like i'm too young to be having all these worries. I have a lot of friends, but NONE of them have the thin, crappy hair like I do.

Until now, I have always been able to cover it up pretty good.
4 weeks back I told my sister that I was going bald, she said: 'no way, you still have a ton of hair'..

But since a few weeks I lose a big load of hair in the shower and while combing.. It has receded a lot at the temples.

I've had so many thoughts and worries about this.
I just want it to end.
I'm doing a buzz for the summer when school exams end in a few weeks,
and have a fresh start of my life without the stupid worries of thin balding hair.

I just don't know if it will fit me, and how much laughter and jokes I will be having to take...

Guess now just have to tell parents and friends and try be more confident ..

05-22-2014, 01:48 PM
Hey. I'm sorry to hear about the mpb, I'm in my teens too, I know it sucks. Don't let what others think affect you. Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I'm sure you can improve your hair if you decide to use other treatments, but don't let MPB take over what you do. Try to focus your mind on something else. Try to focus on other activities. The key to dealing with MPB is to try and focus on other things. Firstly try and do what you can in terms of treatment if you're unhappy with your hair. But then, whenever you can try to concentrate on something else to take your mind off it. Because you're better than MPB and it shouldn't stop you.

05-22-2014, 04:25 PM
I would reconsider treatments because they can buy you more than just a couple of years. Some have saved their hair for decades. The main drawback like you said is making your hair dependent on these treatments. If you are unwilling to apply something everyday or take a tablet every day, then you are doing the best thing by accepting it and buzzing your head.

05-24-2014, 09:12 PM
Hey I'm 18 and also losing hair. I have a NW3 hair line.

If I were you I'd go on Finasteride. I've been on it for 8 months and it has halted my hair loss completely, and my crown is thick where it didn't use to be.

I know how you feel about not going swimming and all that. My hair and my attitude is loads better than it used to be, but I always have to make sure I've covered my temples right and I would never go into water even if you paid me.

Oh well at least I look good.

Good luck!