View Full Version : Experience, Side effects and contemplating quitting Propecia.

05-20-2014, 05:25 AM
Hi All,

I am 40 yrs old and started using Propecia about 13 yrs ago. Yes definitely it does work. Persistence in using Propecia daily gave my back my hair like it was 20 years ago.

BUT: I do recognize the stories about brain fog and short term memory problems that I read on this website. I went through a period of brain fog but only years later I related this period to the use of Propecia (there were other possible reason that I blamed for it, never considering Propecia could be the reason).

I never experienced any negative sexual side effect during the first 12 years on the drug. May be ,I am not 100% sure, a little lowered sexual drive but I was ok with that as I considered my sexual drive at the time above average.

Over the last year I switched to cutting Proscar tablets so I took a 1.25mg daily dose of Finasteride. The switch to 1.25mg actually further improved my hair growth. But the sexual related side effects slowly started to come to light.

I clearly notice a lower libido now since about a month, watery semen, no sex drive etc.

At this point it is not worth it for me anymore. Of course I want to keep my hair but I also want to keep my life! I am lowering my dose now to 1 mg tablets but I am afraid I started something by taking the 1.25 mg pills that is irreversible after reading the often scary posts here. I will give it time on the 1 mg pills as I am afraid of quitting cold turkey given the Post Propecia Syndrome stories I red.

Of course I do know that mainly the people with horror stories will post these on the internet. I successfully used Propecia for 12 years and never posted anything on my experience, now I do. Maybe my body could work with the 1 mg pills without major problems but was 1.25 mg too much for me. Possibly even 1 mg is too much for somebody else. Maybe it should not be a 'one-size-fits-all' pill.

I am very interested in stories of people that used Propecia long term en recognize these stages, people that switched to cutting Proscar pills in quarters and running into similar problems since. How was your recovery? how long did it take? Have people on Propecia experienced periods of low, very low lobido and did it reverse after a certain period?

I have a positive attitude and plan on a slow exit from using Propecia if the switch to 1 mg. does not improve my situation. I want my sex drive back, this also defines me as a person. I know I am past the brain fog period. I think my brain has adapted to this 'new situation' with less testosterone but I definitely do not want to go though a similar period again!!