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05-20-2014, 04:20 AM
I was browsing all of the hairloss forums I know after some time of not lurking around and on hair loss help, there's a thread about chaparral being better than OC. It started with one guy referring to a post where a mix including chaparral and other ingredients worked wonders, which left me kinda skeptical, but then by the end of the thread, a guy who bought the ingredients (all from different websites, which rules out shilling) is saying that he has amazing results too!


Here's the quoted post that started the whole thread. I'm not sure if I should buy all of these ingredients and start mixing so I though of running this idea by you guys too! What do you think?

MY RESULTS: (May 10) Did 60 second comb test with bristle brush after 3 days not washing hair, 8 hairs were in the sink. In studies, non-balding subjects lost a median of 10 hairs from this test.
Scalp itch pretty much gone, hair less oily, looks thicker. Lots of terminal hairs sprouting and growing. This is by far the most effective hair loss treatment I have tried, I don't think I'm balding anymore. I used to lose 50 - 60+ hairs alone just shampooing

WILL POST PICS - i took pictures before i started chaparral, although i was using dmso for a couple weeks already. So i have the before, all i need is the after. i will upload soon - unfortunately i can be rather lazy and dislike taking pictures of myself. (i generally didn't mind it, but hair loss changed things)

Current Regime

per 30 ml water:

3% chaparall + 3% caffeine + 1% DMSO + 1% ASC2P + 1% Lithium Orotate

2x per day (don't worry if you miss a dose here and there)

Phlojel as vehicle

ALSO: Like once a week or whatever, apply some extra virgin olive oil (preferably organic) to scalp, use bristle brush and comb the oil IN and any potential scales OUT
(long firm strokes, not unlike sex) Leave in for 90 minutes, and then shower.

I also recommend you do this once a month with apple cider vinegar to balance ph and help with sebum

For god's sake, please don't use a shampoo with toxic chemical crap in it
Also, i HIGHLY recommend you get a shower filter to cleanse the water that is dousing your scalp with noxious toxins like fluoride and other gross things
if you think that this option is a mere peripheral, visit THIS: http://www.*****************/in...Chemicals-in-the-Home

One order of all these and supplies can last you a good 6+ months

Caffeine: http://www.personalformulator.com

Chapparal: http://www.personalformulator.com

DMSO: http://ca.evitamins.com/dmso-l...ift-4247#.Uyk5a62VmD4

Phlojel: http://ww.jarpharmaceutical.com/?page_id=438

ASC2P: http://www.supersmart.com

Lithium Orotate: http://www.supersmart.com

To make things easier, I prepare in 60 ml solutions:

55.4 ml of distilled water
chaparral: 1.8 ml
caffeine: 1800 mg (1.8 ml)
dmso: 0.6 ml
asc2p: 600 mg (0.6 ml)
lithium orotate: 600 mg (0.6 ml)

mix in the powder gradually
and crush up everything well mind you, think of it like cutting a fat rock of coke into lines
let it sit for a couple of hours and you're good

whenever you want to apply, just mix a small amount of phlojel and 1 - 3 ml of the solution into a small container. i usually just shake it

i recommend letting that sit for about 10 minutes, although I think 2 - 3 will be just fine, not unlike your mother

Oral supplements: Magnesium, biotin, ashwagandha, circumin and MSM

I believe magnesium + biotin to be most important, great synergy together
Circumin for DHT
MSM for cosmetic thickening
Ashwagandha for cortisol

If you want INSTANT COSMETIC THICKENING pop open a cap of MSM and apply contents to the topical mix, brush out white shit after 10 minutes

- Began chaparral+caffeine+DMSO application April 16 -

Noticed results within 24 hours, significant reduction of hairs in shower. The next morning, a wide margin of even less than that were to be found. A little under 48 hours into treatment, and there is a vast reduction in shedding. Scalp feels healthier, much less itchy.

- As of April 29 added ASC2P to mix; further reduction in itch and shedding

- May 1 added lithium orotate; I produce lots of sebum and makes it my hair gross after one day of not showering. This'll reduce all the oil and do good shit like the other ingredients. I will also start washing my hair every other day instead of everyday. My shedding and itch is down to bare minimum. My hair feels better than it has in years and I'm shedding so little that I'm a happy bunny. Noticing re-growth too! Unless I'm delusional... If so, this is a very nice delusion

05-20-2014, 12:25 PM
The question is: does Chaparral Extract for itself is good enough?
Nevertheless, this should be checked out.

05-24-2014, 05:14 AM
Why isn't there more interest in this ?

05-26-2014, 06:15 PM
bumping this for more opinions on it.

05-26-2014, 07:24 PM
Also, DAMN! Read up on Lithium Orotate and DMSO for non hair related effects. They sound awesome. Lithium Orotate alone sounds like it could make alot of us feel better in general and decrease that baldness related sadness! I have never seen a supplement that has such universal praise, it's weird!

05-28-2014, 09:45 AM
I would try this but can't find it here in Romania.

11-27-2014, 09:49 AM
Hi Guys,

need some help...so I have the chaparral, caffeine, phlojel ultra...

Its just not that clear as to how much phlojel I should be using and to give this a fair shot I want to know if I am doing it right.

I've been on this for 6 days and haven't noticed anything dramatic...no reduction in shed or inflammation...can't really tell with inflammation because I have been using an amazing piroctone olamine shampoo that has greatly improved my scalp health.

First 3 days I was using this I was mixing like 3-4ml of the liquid with chaparral and caffeine with about 1-2g of phlojel...but kinda felt sick, shortness of breath, just wasn't feeling too good and so I assumed I was using way too much phlojel and this stuff was going systematic...I heard chaparral has blood purifying properties and it would just have been that process...

Since then I have been mixing 3ml of the liquid with an absolutely small amount of phlojel so it remains very watery but now I'm not sure if its absorbing.

In the hairlosshelp forum thread they the guy says he smeared a small amount of phlojel...I can't seem to register for that forum anywhere otherwise would have asked. I just couldn't see where I register and so I'm asking here.

Can anyone tell me how much phlojel I should be using? Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

If I don't notice anything special in a month then I will just end up dumping this as an option and look at OC as a anti inflammatory option until replicel/histogen comes out...but if I can make this work and if it does work then I think its a great cost effective option to dealing with scalp fungus and inflammation...and giving the reports from 2 people on the other forum is should halt shedding.

07-07-2016, 10:22 AM
Has anyone thought of adding chaparral into alpecin caffeine lotion? are you guys still using it as it seems to have died down.
It is a body hair remover but when used topically it seems to act better than oc.

07-08-2016, 01:29 PM
Lithium Orotate, while cheap, killed my sex drive. I like the idea and science behind it, but I have both a wife and a girlfriend so that's a no go.

07-09-2016, 01:41 AM
We are talking of topical here which I have never had any problems going systemic.