View Full Version : Switch from Foam to Liquid

05-18-2014, 02:10 PM
I realize these type of topics pop all over, but I was curious what people will say for my case.

I'm just about to f***** throw in the towel on the Minoxidil crap.

I used the foam Minoxidil for 4 months. I had average results and I was satisfied. Even though I had literally 0 growth, I really felt like my hair loss was greatly reduced. I would barely see a short hair fall here and there, where as previously I was having 4-5 follices fall out with each run through my hair.

I had no heart symptoms or anything. However, I have my hair grown, so I had to apply lots of foam to cover my whole scalp. I was going through a bottle in like 10 days which is 3 times more than the recommended amount. Also, my skin looked pretty bad and I could definitely see an increase in wrinkles. (Still better than balding).

Last month, I decided to switch to liquid. And now I feel like I've lost a lot of ground in the past month-six weeks. I use much less Minox now because it's easier to get the liquid on the scalp. But I feel like I'm going through a major shed, it really sucks. How long goes this go on for?? I feel like this is my second week of going through one of the worst sheds ever. It feels like I lose 5-10 follices each time I scuffle my head. My weaker left temple is much more exposed, and lots of tiny hairs in my crown that I used to feel are now much harder to feel/completely gone.

In addition, I can see an increase in body hairs all over. My beard is creeping up, and my arms and hands are getting new hairs all over. I wouldn't mind this if I wasn't shedding so bad, but what the hell man. This shit is supposed to save/grow my hair, not make me a f****** bald,hairy wrinkled man.

I don't know if this is just because I changed from foam to liquid, or I decreased the overall amount of minox applied because now I can get to my scalp easier with the liquid dropper. Or maybe the minox liquid solution is actually irritating my scalp worse than foam which is causing a shed? I'm not particularly having any great rashes or itches, but I do get dandruff if I skip a day of showering.

Somebody please give me some comments. Can a shed last for 2 damn weeks, when does it stop?! I'm about to quit and go natural. I can also feel my scalp getting harder and I realize reduction in scalp fat/thickness is a symptom/cause of hair loss. So I'm about to quit this minox crap and maybe chase some other formulas.

TLDR: How long does a damn shed go on for? More than 2 weeks? More body hair and bad skin, but no regrowth after 6 months. About to quit this freaking minox crap.