View Full Version : Is it too late?

05-14-2014, 05:45 PM
I am 23 now and started losing my hair at around 20. The rate in which I was/am losing my hair is pretty rapid in my opinion, I am not even sure where I would be in the Norwood scale.

I am posting pictures to help with this question, and the question is: looking at what stage of hair loss I am in, is it too late to try minoxidil, Finasteride? or any other treatments like that?.

05-14-2014, 06:14 PM
I wouldn't say "too late". You should have started earlier, but that's water under the bridge.

I suffer from aggressive MPB and I'm on the big 3: finasteride, minox, keto.

If you want to save your hair, give it a shot. You could be a good responder and maintain what you have and even regrow a little (who knows).

Get on that shet ASAP, mang.

05-14-2014, 06:40 PM
Its never too late. I just wouldnt expect miracles since it excels at keeping hair more then regrowing, but who really knows you might respond well