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05-14-2014, 02:39 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm glad that now I can share my story, and maybe I can get some advices.Well, last summer I notice that i lose to much hair. This problem started in the fall but all the time i was thinking that my hair is in a bad condition because I used so much styiling products in the past. I was wrong, and after visiting a dermatologist it was confirmed. I have MPB. I could'nt belive this, because nowbody in my family is bald. I had receded alt my temples, especially at the left one, but my hair was thin all over .The first dermatologist said that is better to accept the situation and go on. She give me Forcapil (vitamines) and a 3% Minoxidil Shampoo. I start reading about Propecia and Minoxidil and i visit a second dermatologist. She said that is not necesarry to start Propecia, she give me Minoxidil 5% and she sugest that Rogaine is better. I started the tratament in Octomber. In the first 2 months i used Alopexy 5% minoxiidil and i start aprox. 1.25 Proscar 3 times/week. In the first month, i had a terrible shed, but at the 1.5 mark the shed start to slow down. I start using a ketioconazole 2% shampoo 3 times per week after 1,5 motths on Minoxidil..I was very hapy, because some people that knew my problem said that my hair start looking better. And that was true...in december, and january my hair look awesome. My hair fall has been dramaticaly droped. 2-5 hairs in the shower, even if before i started the tratment i shed like 50-70. Everythig looked perfect, black really ,tick hairs grow all over my scalp.
I dropped Proscar at only 2 times/week, (and i cut it in 8 pieces) because i started to develop some incipient form of gynocomastia. Everything was fine until February, when i start to shed again. Even it was not so aggresive like the first one, i lose hair even at this moment. I took back Proscar 3 times/week at aprox 1mg, I take Forcapil again...and i continued Minoxidil 5% 2 times /day.
in my last visit on my dermatologist ( a few days ago) she said there is no reason to worry, that my hair look fine...She said to start using Dercos Aminexil for 3 months, and continue with Rogaine. I hope to regrow something, but my felling is that something is not working anymore and I don't know what to do. I really don't want to lose my hair.
Sorry for my bad English!!! I'm waiting for your advices:)

05-14-2014, 06:10 PM
All I gotta say is you need to stay on some sort of DHT-inhibitor (Propecia/finasteride). It's the only way to win, and you still may not.

I take 1.25 mg/day no problem. I think, given finasteride's halflife, you should be trying to take it on a daily frequency, but who knows, maybe your current regimen will work for you.

And finally, you've only been on treatment for what, 7 months? Give it more time. Be patient and focus on bettering your life.

Good luck, dude.

05-16-2014, 01:36 PM
My dermatologist says that Minoxidil is enought for me at this moment. When i told that i take Proscar she was like :O . I do not understand why she is so afraid to prescribe me Propecia? I take the risks...
Well, i think that I shoud continue use Proscar each other day (aprox 1 mg) for three months and see if this go better. If not, I will take it every day.
I'm curios what you think about Minoxidil brands? My dermatologist suggest that Rogaine is way better than others.. and I shoud continue using Rogaine. .In the first months I used Alopexy 5% (made in France) that is availabile in every drug stores here, and then I bought Rogaine (8 bottles). It's a little bit hard for me to buy Rogaine from Romania....is like...40$/ month...If I order it from the internet I pay custom duties.... So...is there a difference between Rogaine and other Minoxidil Brands? Or...is there an better Minoxidil? The Spectral DNC or others?
Thanks !