View Full Version : HT post facelift for women

Limmer HTC
10-08-2009, 02:29 PM
Over the years the number of women seeking hair transplantation has steadily grown and in our practice it now accounts for upward of nearly twenty percent of our surgeries. In the past a vast majority of women sought transplantation to cover scars/place lost hair following facial plastic surgery. Today, more and more it is done to address androgenetic alopecia.
The case presented here represents both reasons why many women seek transplantation: deepening temporal recessions as a result of genetics and the loss of pre auricular hair (sideburns) as a result of a facelift.
Her case was fairly straightforward with some miniaturized hair remaining in the temporal recessions and complete loss of side burns. Women hate these two problems because they do not feel they can wear their hair pulled back. So while not always obvious, it severely limits styling options.
The temporal recessions required the denser packing of follicular unit grafts (40+/cm²), while the pre auricular areas should be planted at a lower density and only performed with 1 and 2 hair follicular grafts. Never should a 3 hair f.u. be used in this area in a woman. In women this area should have a soft look.
Nearly 1300 grafts were used to accomplish her goals. She now is able to pull her hair back, expose these areas and not worry that her scars show or her hairline looks abnormal. Hope this post helps women realize they have options, as transplantation for so long has been viewed more as a procedure for men and much of the information available is primarily related to male pattern androgenetic alopecia.
Brad Limmer, MD/jac