View Full Version : Hair loss at 17 Help

05-11-2014, 03:42 AM
Im 17 years old and new to the forums, im going to get straight the point... i have receced above the temples to an nw2, hair is still thick on top, a bit thinner at the sides. no one in my family is bald, my dad has a full set of hair at 50, all my brothers have kept their hair, now One of my mothers brothers were bald, the other one had a full set of hair, the one who went bald had heart problems and smoked a lot, I dont know if that contributes. Im not sure on my mothers fathers since he died (rip) before i was born,

One of my aunties said he had hair, but still not sure. everys single one of my cousin brothers from mothers and fathers sidehave hair even though some of their dads are bald, only one has receded to an nw2 and stayed there however he does tend to get bald haircut as he has really bad eczema everywhere including his scalp.

now me I shred more than i use too espically when i was it with shampoo (heads and shoulders) i cant tell if there is thinning at the crown as i have only started to look at it and could be paranoid. I have itchy hair a lot and dandruff, i also have a very dry scalp.

now i just want to know what i can do to stop my hairloss at age 17, i went to one gp and all he said was nothing and gave me betacap. i am changing gp as this one is no good as a lot of people say round here. I want to know what the gp can do for me, considering i am 17, i am also willing to pay. any advice is welcome!! thanks for reading.