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05-09-2014, 10:42 PM
Hey guys,

Before I start I just wanted to say that this forum was really helpful for me, especially during this time in my life. I just turned 19 years old and I just finished my freshman year in college. I know this post may be long, but bear with me!

My whole life, I noticed that my hair was thin, really thin. It got worse and worse as I entered high school. It was definitely not noticeable unless you were very close to me and in bright lighting. I really didn't pay to much attention to it until the latter part of my senior year of high school. I was somewhat of a popular guy, had a lot of friends, girls seemed to like me, I was a good student, and I excelled on my sports teams. However, this is when I really started to notice more and more of my scalp. I had not even turned 18 yet and I was already experiencing more thinning. Still, I didn't really do anything about it.

Fast forward to the middle of august, when I reported to camp for preseason. (I play soccer in college) I was excited to move in, meet some new people, and to play the game I love. I was enjoying myself until classes started and parties became more prevalent. The beginning of the year wasn't too bad, in terms of hair loss, I was just trying not to think about it. A couple of times a week my friends would make jokes about my hair, but I really didn't care.

One night I finally decided that something had to be done. While at a party, I was playing pong when some drunk idiot came by and started talking to me and my partner. He started to piss us off and we asked him to go away. He got mad and started making fun of my friend and I. He obviously attacked my hair loss. He made fun of my thin hair and somewhat receding hair line. The party was crowded and others started to notice. I swear if I had another beer in me I would have punched the kid out! I was so embarrassed, as a lot of my friends were there and took notice. "Wow dude, you are going bald!"

The next couple weeks or so passed and all I thought about was my hair. I wore hats around, even though I don't really look good in them. I would stare in the mirror for hours a day, just staring at my scalp. It was one night when I decided something must be done. It was about a week before Christmas and my dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted. Minoxidil.

Not only did I start using rogaine twice a day, but I was also given a prescription for propecia. Now before anyone starts to hamper me on the possible side effects of finasteride, let me tell you that I have not experienced any negative effects. My doctor believes because I have a high testosterone level (I started shaving everyday in 9th grade, as a clean shaven face was part of the dress code. I am also very hairy). Anyway, he told me the possible side effects, some sexual. He believed that I was a very good candidate for the medicine. (FYI, although I am not as sexually active as I hoped to be, I still am active and I have never had any problems in that respect. I have been using the medicine for about 4 months now).

I started using these two together at the beginning of January. I did not mind using rogaine (5%, liquid form) twice a day, and popping a propecia pill every other day, as prescribed by my doctor. I was willing and hopeful.

In about early march, I started to actually believe that the treatment was working. I noticed almost no hair on my pillow and comb. I looked in the mirror and I noticed my hair was thicker. My confidence started to grow.

Today, 4 months after initial use, I am very impressed with the treatment. I have more hair now then I did when I was 16! Not only have I noticed that my hair is so much thicker, I see little hairs started to grow. Last week, while hanging with some friends, one of my friends was staring at me for a while and said, "are you using rogaine? You have so much more hair!?" I initially denied, but as they all started to examine my scalp,I admitted to the use. They we're all really impressed, mentioning that my hair was thicker and fuller. They couldn't even see my scalp anymore!

For you younger guys like me who think that your doomed to hair loss, think otherwise. Although you may not be able to regrow most of the hair, this treatment method will halt your hair loss and thicken your hair. I am so happy with the results and will continue to use!

Thanks for your time guys, glad you stayed with me

05-10-2014, 01:29 AM
Im a younger guy also (in my own mind) im 27 lol

I have been having the opposite effect, I only thinned in thr the front but now my crown is showing through after using thin
I think my body is fighting the pills every time I take it I get intense burning and itching in my crown.

Im adding regain in hopes in can help.

Congratulations on your results dude. Hopefully I can follow suit.

05-10-2014, 02:28 AM
Not all of us can use medication due to side effects.

Finasteride gave me gynecomastia and minoxidil gave me tinnitus.

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05-10-2014, 02:09 PM
Good thread. Glad to hear you are having success. Keep in mind that treatments will not work for everybody. If anybody is suffering from hair loss and cannot stand the thought of going bald, I do recommend you give proven treatments a try.

05-10-2014, 03:46 PM
minoxidil gave me tinnitus


05-11-2014, 12:07 AM
It is precisely due to this cheerleading of propecia and minoxidil, that there is no cure for baldness yet. Why would companies invest in baldness cure research if people are already happy with propecia and minoxidil.

05-11-2014, 12:30 AM
Hair loss is a difficult thing to cure. I am sure a small percentage of guys having spectacular results isn't going to slow down hair loss research or development. The reward for finding a cure is just too high.

05-11-2014, 02:48 AM
Hair loss is a difficult thing to cure. I am sure a small percentage of guys having spectacular results isn't going to slow down hair loss research or development. The reward for finding a cure is just too high.

But at the same time, the loss for companies making these hair loss pills and shampoos and also hair transplant surgeons would be too high. So, I'm sure they are trying every thing in their arsenal to prevent a cure from coming out. First there was this hair cloning company headed by some german scientist which dissolved, now its aderans, tomorrow it will be histogen. It could well be these pharmaceutical companies bribing those companies to shut down their operations.

05-11-2014, 04:31 AM
so im 25, I havent lost a ton yet. id say im about a NW2.5 which i know plenty of people would kill for...but im greedy i guess. its been about 2 years since i first noticed my hairloss and i have been trying all kinds of products.

i did the minoxidil game, using varying name brands, im sure youve heard of all of them, not sure if any of them really worked for me, i used them consistently for almost a year and a half. saw next to no results, maybe some small hairs but thats it.

I have also tried the vitamins and supplements game but to no avail, i actually think i gave myself kidney stones from too many vitamins and saw palmetto/pumpkin seed oil/beta sitosterol. I also did a laser comb for a while with minimal results (my existing hair seemed to get a lot thicker, but nothing where i was losing it) and it was very time consuming so i gave up after a good 9 months of 4 times a week.

Ive also done the keto shampoo as well as others. and did all 4 (vitamins and saw palmetto, lasercomb,shampoo, and minox) at the same time. Currently im not doing anything besides taking normal vitamins. not really seeing any difference than when i was doing it all.

I am not interested in taking finasteride,with my luck will be the guy that gets the permanent side effects. I also dont want to have to take pills everyday and attack my entire head of hair when i really only need it in the front.

I should also add that I dont think i have a big family history of hairloss. unfortunately my grandfather on my moms side died fairly young and though at 65 he had thin-ish hair, he still had enough, he also did a lot of damage to himself that contributed to an early passing. My fathers father is still alive at 88, thinned hair but its still there. as i understand hair comes from both sides. Personally i see my fathers side of the family hair in myself. they go to a norwood 3 no vertex and stop, then thin out all over gradually with age.

Basically thats my story up to this point, im weighing in whether i should do the Hair transplant or not and i havent yet spoken to anyone but my primary care doctor who is bald himself and he told me not to worry about it and that hairloss is normal in men and to try minoxidil if i was worried about it...thanks a lot dude, big help. been visiting the forums for a long time and id like to think ive seen it all, and darn near tried it all.

Im hoping that because im young and havent been losing for a long time, theres something out there that can bring me back to the good old days.