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10-07-2009, 03:31 PM
I'm 25 and I'm just starting to show the signs of baldness. Right now, the only thing that's noticeable is my slightly receded hairline, but I've been shedding a ton of hair, so it could be thinning on the crown too. I'm hoping that by catching this early, I can at least slow down the progression considerably.

After reading these forums, it seems like a combination of Propecia and Minoxidil is the best way to go. Any other thoughts?

Also, I'm somewhat new to the Columbus, Ohio area and I was wondering if anybody knows a good dermatologist or hair loss specialist in the area, especially since it sounds like I'll need a propecia prescription.


10-07-2009, 06:20 PM
I actually live in Columbus. When I need a dermatologist, I usually go to Dr. Michael Chen at Buckeye Dermatology. They've got a bunch of different clinic locations, but they can usually get you in quicker than the other practices I've asked about.

Robert Haber, MD
10-08-2009, 05:26 AM

You're on the right track by wanting to begin aggressive medical therapy as early as possible. Using both Propecia and Rogaine should slow or stop your hair loss, and possibly even add some density over time.

To find a local doctor comfortable with hair loss, you can go the the Propecia web site:


Good luck!

05-13-2010, 11:11 AM
Having had multiple procedures from 1993 through 2001, including follicular graft sessions and two scalp reductions, I caution you regarding work that Dr. Scarborough, located in Dublin near you, performed during the above period. It was not until 2000 that I found out about Drs. Shapiro & Rose, working in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and Tampa, FL – respectively. At the time (2001) they were the best in the country and light-years ahead of anyone else I found through extensive research over a decade (beginning in a time that was pre-web and therefore the Dark Ages relative to the tools now available online). I have not had a procedure in 9 years – but I see postings associated with Dr. Shapiro (I assume that he and Dr. Rose are still practicing). Do yourself a favor and travel to wherever is necessary to obtain quality work. My experience ended well – but only after several sessions with Shapiro and Rose that resulted in a natural hairline and semi-decent coverage, the latter only because abundant donor area was squandered (and therefore wasted) in previous sessions performed in Columbus.