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05-07-2014, 09:01 AM
Over a year ago, our patient came to us for scar repair. Not for the usual strip or 4mm punch scars. He was hit over the head at an ATM with a beer bottle during a robbery. The emergency room doctor x rayed his head, cleaned the wounds and stitched him up. Our patient likes his hair short on the sides and came to us in August of 2013 for FUE into his scars. Yesterday, 05-06-2014, I was the first one to see our patient and noticed what looked like a blood blister at the lower tip of the area we placed grafts last August. Dr. Cole sent one of the surgery techs over to me to take some more photos. Dr. Cole removed an 8mm diameter shard of glass from the brown beer bottle that impacted his head. There was no sign of anything abnormal in August, so it must have been embedded very deep into his scalp and worked its way to the surface. The emergency room doc missed it big time and even told our patient his x rays were clean.

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