View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey 2200 grafts up front grown out, McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
05-06-2014, 06:50 AM
This international traveler had a 2200 graft case to address his frontal hairline. He stopped by for a checkup and to consider a second case for the crown. He appears to have a really nice, age appropriate, hairline. Shown are intraop, 1 week and 1 month scar check pictures, and current pictures. He has fairly fine hairs but despite this, his color match of skin and hair lends itself to a really nice outcome. I’m optimistic that a smaller case will finish out his crown…now I realize I’m always saying the crown is a black hole…but in a light skinned fellow with silver hair, it’s a fight worth taking.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA