View Full Version : Question about minox

05-05-2014, 01:23 PM
Hello everyone. I was wondering about minox recently, because I always thought that the only thing it did was "program" the hairs the grow at the same phase, so that the scalp would look fuller because there would be more hairs at the same time. Also, I thought that it was a vasodilator, making the hair have a thicker appearance.

But I thought that was all minox did, that it didn't stop hairloss, it just made the hair look fuller and thicker, but you would still be losing hair.

But now I've seen that it can indeed help halt or slow hairloss down....

so which is it? does it just create an "illusion" of more hair, or does it actually stop/slow hairloss?

I thought fin/dut were the only reliable treatments for loss though...