View Full Version : Minoxodil and dizziness after switching to foam

04-29-2014, 03:26 PM
I have been on Minoxidil for a while now. Probably 7 years + and its helped me maintain my hair along with Propecia. Around 6 months back I changed over to the foam as it was easier and no flaky scalp. I don't know if it was this or I was going through a stressful time but I felt dizzy a few times and thought it was weird. At first I thought it was to do with my stress/anxiety and googled this but there are a lot of links that suggest that Minoxidil can lower your blood pressure.

Have any of you regular users had symptoms after being on it for so long? I was perfectly ok before. So was this stress/anxiety or the foam that caused it?

But has anyone else experienced side effects after being on it for so long?