View Full Version : Thread for ladies with hair loss

04-28-2014, 03:48 PM
Just thought I'd make a thread dedicated to the ladies on here suffering with hair loss and to find how they are coping with their situation. I realise that the forum in general, and this sub-forum in particular is 90% (or more perhaps) male dominated, and that while we as males (rightfully so too) despair at our situation, I would love to hear from the women of this forum as to how they are coping with hair loss, and how if effects their lives as women suffering with hair loss.

I guess it is just as tough on women as it is on us, and I guess that even though we as men despair at our hair loss, we still have the buzz cut option if all doesn't work out (including even hair transplants) and DHT blockers........whereas women hair loss sufferers do not really have that option given the association of shaved heads with men and masculinity, nor can they use DHT blockers to halt any hair loss progression. Anyways any stories and viewpoints from my fellow female forum members most welcome.