View Full Version : MPB linked to heart disease, possibly prostate cancer... Any other correlations?

04-26-2014, 11:53 PM
I apologize in advance for the long read, but I very much appreciate anyone who does reads this.

I believe the articles/studies about the correlation between MPB and heart disease/prostate cancer have been posted here before, but they are linked at the bottom. What I wan't to know is if MPB is linked to anything else as well?

From the forum posts I have read regarding these correlations I mentioned, it seems that many people don't think much of it, or they think that the studies were bad. If these studies reflect the truth however, couldn't this mean we are taking the wrong approach finding a cure? It seems that future treatments involve topical solutions, injections, hair cloning, etc., but none of these address the root cause (whatever it may be) of MPB and what is really going on deep inside of us. (correct me if I'm wrong here)

What is interesting about the study on MPB and heart disease, is it says that those with significant hair loss had the highest increased risk for developing heart disease, whereas the those with less severe hair loss had only a slightly increased risk. Also, YOUNG people with significant hair loss had the highest increased risk. If this is the case, it seems to me that male pattern baldness may be a symptom of something larger, rather than a disease in itself.

This is why I'm wondering what else is MPB is correlated with, if anything. Google is a joke when it comes to trying to research anything, because all that comes up on the first ten pages are different articles that say the same thing (bonus question: are there any search engines that aren't flooded with webpages that paid to be there?). Whenever I'm out and about I always look at people who are balding and try to see if they have any other visible symptoms, and what I have noticed is that many MPB sufferers have bad skin (dry, poor complexion, w/e), whereas people with really good hair often have good skin as well (although to be fair, I have bad skin myself, so I may subconsciously be over stating this).

Thanks for reading and sorry again for the long post. I know a lot of the stuff I said isn't anything new but I appreciate any input.

http://healthland.time.com/2013/03/27/the-link-between-early-baldness-and-prostate-cancer/ (not a very big study so who knows)