View Full Version : Haircut after Transplant

04-21-2014, 07:45 PM
A few weeks after getting a transplant I can see the need to get a haircut to even things out (especially if the surgeon shaves the recipient area down).

Where do folks get that first cut? Although stitches/sutures should be out by then, the recipient area will probably still be a little on the tender side. Also the donor area might still need a little TLC.

Is this something the surgeon's office can help with? Could they recommend places to go or, even, do a cut themselves?

What has worked for people before?

04-23-2014, 01:09 PM
Hi Baldy,

Well, what I have always recommended is to go to someone that you can trust, and let that person (hair dresser) know up front that you recently had the procedure. If that person has been cutting and styling hair for any length of time, they will have undoubtedly cut hair on other HT clients.

Just don't go to someone who is new at it. I remember after one of my procedures, I talked to a lady quietly before she got started. She said, "Oh, I have other customers who did the same thing". She was very careful about cutting my hair and never talked out loud. The I gave her a good tip when she wished me the best. It was a good experience.

It may also be possible for your doctor's office to trim your hair but they may not be the best choice since they are not hair stylists if you know what I mean.