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joe from staten island
10-06-2009, 01:22 PM
allergan you have recently release a drug latisse that dramatically increases the length of eyelashes. this recent pharmeceutical discovery will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the allergan corporation. however you should really agressively investigate the potential of bimatropost the active ingredient in latisse as a treatment for male pattern baldness. it has been demonstrated by past experimentation that stronger concentrations of bimatropost , will result in significant regeneration of hair follicles in people who suffer from male pattern baldness. dr. baumann of boca raton florida , has recently experimented on some of his patients using the present formulation of latisse. he has achieved a marginal increase in hair density in his patients who are currently using lattise in the treatment of male pattern baldness. just imagine what the results would be if a stronger version of bimatropost the active ingerdient in latisse was utilized as a treatment protocol in treating male pattern baldness. i am positive that the result would be a dramatic increase in hair regeneration.your corporation must make it a priority to assist physcians such as dr . baumann who are experimenting with your drug latisse. ALLERGAN CORPORATION PLEASE TAKE AGRESSIVE ACTION ON THIS MATTER, LET ME REITERATE YOU ARE IN POSSESSION OF THE BLOCK BUSTER DRUG OF THE CENTURY. IF YOU COULD HELP SUFFERERS OF MALE PATTTERN BALDNESS ,THE ALLERGAN CORPORATION BALANCE SHEET WILL GENERATE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR ITS INVESTORS.

10-08-2009, 05:10 AM
Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog which was originally used for the treatment of intraocular pressure - Glaucoma. A side effect or something they recognized was that some patients noticed longer eye lashes when using it. Just as Viagra was originally discovered to treat Angina (cardiac/chest pain) and was recognized to also help ED.

It is not as simple as saying, "if a little is good, then a lot is better." Certain drugs or medications have limited or even reverse effects if you take too much. Particularly in the prostaglandin family. So, while it seems that if it works with a single application daily on the eyelid might make sense, it doesn't translate to "increase dose on scalp and we grow hair." If you don't think that has been tried - off label - you are fooling yourself. And, any doctor who is using it that way, and causes you to lose what little hair you have - better be prepared for a backlash.

Might want to see how that regenerative medicine company in San Diego is doing - Histogen. I saw their research presented in Amsterdam and that was a single injection! I hope they can survive, since they are a biotech company and many have been hurt by the economic crisis. Low investment dollars. I heard they are trying to raise more money to do another Clinical Trial. It makes more sense to "turn on the follicle stem cells" with what Histogen is doing, than to simply try to affect the vascular/inflammatory cycle with prostaglandin analogs. And to think you can simply increase the dose to have an effect? It's not that easy...

Dr. Glenn Charles
10-12-2009, 08:03 PM
I am still unconvinced that this a block buster drug that is going to grow hair on the scalp. It has shown some positive results with eye lashes, but how it is obtaining these aesthetic improvements may not works as well with scalp hair. These companies are all about the money and if they had something that could generate mega dollars and they could prove it, they would have done that already.

fleur de lis
10-18-2009, 01:26 PM
I heard from an old co-worker in the Hair loss field that one of the issues with
using Bimatoprost over larger areas ( such as the scalp) is that it seems to effect Thyroid functioning...............lowing/slowing T4( storage Thyroid hormone) conversion to T3( active thyroid hormone)

I have no idea if this is indeed "fact or fiction", but my Dermo, who does some research, said that Allergan is "All over it currently"

Let's face the fact, whoever comes up with a reliable treatment for HL in men, or women---is going to be seeing some pretty decent profits

Now, once that is done ( if ever) I want to see a viable treatment option for those who suffer HL due to having to use certain med's like those for Type 2
Diabeties ( Glucophage,others) although much of the HL loss, miniturization caused by such med's are due to nutrient depletion--which many times does NOT resolve the HL even after the proper nutrients are replaced/or the offending med ceased--the old TE unmasked the AA theory