View Full Version : Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, Brussels. 2119 FUE 0 - 7 Months

04-10-2014, 09:36 AM
Technique: FUE

Graft Total:- 2119

0-7 Months Post Op

Hair Count: 1 Hair 476 2 Hair 821 3 Hair 762 4 Hair 60 (2.19 hair to graft ratio)

The goal in this case was to rebuild a conservative hair line and place into the frontal third whilst preserving the patient's donor area in case of future hair loss and the fact he only has an average density in his donor.

To his advantage his hair characteristics help with this conservative approach, for example his hair to skin colour is of lower contrast. Dr.B placed less than 2200 FUE in an area that many times will need closer to 3000 grafts. We do not spread so much as usual but in this case did and the hair to graft ratio was also good.

Pictures are pre-op, placement, 7 months post op with comparison of before, all with no flash. This is not the final result but gives a good indication of growth obtained at this stage.