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04-08-2014, 10:22 AM
Thought I'd make a small update, as much as I don't want to. I'm seeing Dr. Cole here in GA on today. I'm pretty excited to see what he thinks and get his input and recommendation. He has a great reputation for having successful FUE procedures. I'm a bit worried as for the price as he charges $8/graft - fml.

Started my stack up again committing to it full time starting back December 24th. That included 1mg fin, 5% minox twice daily, and using nizoral 2%, regenepure, and t-gel. The shampoos I strictly used if I knew I was going to go out at night time for some party, club, dinner, or what not. Otherwise, 4-5 days of the week I just washed my hair with cold water. Would get out and apply the foam while the hair is damp, making sure the foam got into the scalp, and not so much on the hair shaft itself.

No side effects. Penor still works. Was feeling a bit depressed for a while, and was adamant on thinking it was the fin causing it, but got some good news last week, and I can say for sure it was not the fin causing it. Has has certainly thickened up quite a bit. Crown is nearly closed. Midscalp region has some areas of light penetration. I posted several times I have a tendency of scratching my scalp. I lowered my adderall dosage, from 30mg to 15mg, so I no longer do that now. The temples are pretty bad. My left temple is moving in a pretty weird fashion. My right temple is making a perfect triangle and is miniaturizing at a much more aggressive rate compared to my left temple.

Barber comments on how great the hair looks and how much it thickens up. I usually get my hair cut ever 3 weeks, which is about the time a bottle of minox foam lasts me. Figured I'd get it cut every time the bottle runs out, to keep the hair short. Doing this and starting a new foam bottle should keep the nutrients flowing and fortify the follicles.

Been on minox since Jan 1, 2012. Been on fin since November 1, 2012. Cold turkey'ed the two sometime in the middle of 2013 because I was too lazy to take the meds and apply the foam. Got back onto it, but still wasn't dedicated. Then got back on it full force Christmas Eve 2013.


these next 3 pictures shows how the left temple is slowly moving across the forelock and trying to meet the right temple


Notice the birthmark on my right temple (red circle). I kept that as a point of reference to see how the hair loss was coming along. The red line was where my hairline was last summer.

Another picture showing the left temple cutting across the forelock (redline).

04-08-2014, 09:34 PM
Goodluck :)

I'm losing mine at the same pace as yours, its ****ing terrible hey!