View Full Version : if dr. glenn charles and dr. allan feller were only practing in 1980

joe from staten island
10-05-2009, 01:55 PM
dr. glenn charles and dr. allan feller are two fine,caring and talented physcians in the field of hair restoration. i lived in the long island area in 1980 before the age of the internet. i am sure that i would of heard of dr. alllan feller through the newspapers or through word of mouth. hypothetically speaking , had the wonderful and gifted dr. allan feller been practicing in 1980 , i surely would have been one of his patients. and i am positive that the results of my surgery would have been outstanding and pristine. dr. allan feller is a fine and dedicated physcian and the quality of his work is outstanding. also i should note that dr . glenn charles is also a wonderful and dedicated physcian and that the quality of his work is also excellent. i also wish to thank dr. glenn charles for all of his assistance that he has given to me on the bald truth .com forum. unfortunately my desiny was to be butchered by an uncaring and horrible so called physcian. as a result my life was destroyed.you people in the bald truth community are so lucky to have fine physcians such as dr. glenn charles and dr. allan feller. ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK GOD FOR SPENCER KOBREN FOR BRINGING THESE FINE AND CARING PHYSCIANS TO OUR ATTENTION.